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Ganesha shirt, ganesh shirt, yoga shirt for women


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This original Ganesha shirt by Lakesh ©.  Ganesha considered to be  the obstacle remover from the light path .

Meaning of Ganesha shirt by Lakesh design:


Ganesha is said to have the power to remove obstacles from our material and spiritual path. Today, his image can be seen frequently protecting houses in India, where he is invoked, for example, before taking a trip or an exam. For Ganesha is the god of the ways, the wisdom and the letters, a god who is considered as protector and giver of good luck. It is also known by the name of Ganapati. Finally in the context of our yoga practice, chanting a mantra dedicated to him, such as Om Gam Ganapataye Namah, can help us invoke that energy of overcoming obstacles that we all have within.


History of Ganesha

Hindu mythology tells that the elephant head has a tragic explanation.Parvati modeled her second son Ganesha with the mixture of divine nectar and sandalwood paste, he entrusted him with the protection of the palace. Upon arrival, Shiva, Parvati’s husband, did not recognize Ganesha and cut off his head. For his part, the wife faced with this sad event threatened to destroy the entire Universe and, to make up for her mistake, Shiva promised her that she would cut off the head of the first creature to bring her son back to life. Therefore that is why its body carries an elephant head (this animal is a sacred animal that has been revered for more than 5000 years).

Ganesha Mantra


By repeating this mantra (108 times) as result we ask that any material or spiritual obstacle be removed from our path.

The mantra is: “Om Gam Ganapateye Namaha”.

Ganesha symbolism

Big head: symbolizes intelligence, wisdom.

Big ears: it is a message for us to listen more, it is necessary to have wisdom to listen a lot, with patience.

Small Eyes: they allow us greater concentration since the world around us is an illusion, today full of materialism.

Third eye: symbolizes spiritual vision for seeing the reality behind the illusion.

Ax: it allows to cut the bonds  and to eliminate all the impediments. Remove the ties to previous reincarnations. End the ties that hurt us.

Rope: with this element we can get closer to the divine, it is a rescue rope. It also means an obligation to behave morally.

Small mouth: to say what is necessary, gossip does not add up to anyone’s life. We are slaves to our own words,like the wise hear a lot and speak little.

A single horn: to take only the good and release the bad. It symbolizes the sacrifice of eliminating the duality that inhabits each person, leaving only the good in our path.

Chakra, or disc: Prevention of damage, evil and what is regrettable. Protection symbol.

Deck: Warrior Weapon. Since it symbolizes the determination, strength and power of the command.

Prayer beads: Rudraksha Mala. They are for prayer, for spiritual growth and Meditation.

Blessings: to bless and protect the spiritual path.

The lotus: symbolizes enlightenment and chakras. Sometimes we find this flower in his hands or we see him sitting on it.

Horn: to adapt to the different situations we live in. Let’s keep in mind that the tube can have a lot of strength but it can be very delicate to take small elements, the teaching is knowing how to distinguish between good and evil.

Great stomach: symbolizing abundance, also Ganesha can digest all the good and bad that we go through in our lives. Within it are all universes, it contains everything.

Madaka: brings purification and illumination on our way.

The feet: Symbolize siddhi and buddhi, the achievement of desires and knowledge.

Mouse: His name is Mushika. Symbolizes  the importance of controlling our desires, because otherwise they would destroy us. We should never let desires drive or dominate us. So Ganesha with her heavy weight uses a mouse as a vehicle.

Prasad: because the world will provide you with what is necessary.



Our inks are water based and eco-friendly. Therefore this makes the Ganesha shirt by Lakesh feel much softer than traditional screen printed shirts, but just as durable.

100% cotton t-shirt (except for heather colors, which contain 10% polyester).

– 100% jersey knit
– Pre-shrunk
– Taped neck and shoulders
– Classic fit

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