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Lakesh original logo shirt, sacred geometry balance, women


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This original Lakesh sacred geometry shirt © 100% cotton t-shirt. Our symbol / logo represents the balance between the masculine and feminine universal energies △▽. Inspired by sacred geometry.

The original Lakesh sacred geometry shirt is made of a thicker, heavier cotton, but it’s still soft and comfy.
Premium HD print made with water based and eco-friendly ink. This makes the t-shirt  feel much softer than traditional screen printed shirts, but just as durable. And the double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability to what is sure to be a favorite!


Meaning of sacred geometry Lakesh logo:

Defending sacred geometry from finite and academic form has a lot to do with the study of mathematics and the algorithms found in geometric forms considered sacred and holy. These forms occur naturally and can be seen in some creatures and forces of nature.

On the other hand, the spiritual point of view involved in sacred geometry tries to go beyond mathematical and algorithmic formulas. Therefore it uses sacred geometry to find meaning and importance in the pattern of the universe.

Sacred Geometry – Platonic Solids
One does not have to be a mathematician or a practitioner of geomancy to appreciate sacred geometry. Sacred geometry exists as an art form, and the lay person who does not want to be located on either side can appreciate it as such.

Sacred geometry in art
Elements of sacred geometry can be found in almost any art form, although more prominently in art forms that have to do with sacred architecture and art: churches, temples, gathering places, iconographies, altars, mosques, monuments and else.

Finally sacred geometry actually transcends culture and religion. Some  cultures share this sacred symbols and use them for the same purposes, that go from architecture to art.  Often they have the same meaning between religions and cultures.


– 100% jersey knit
– Pre-shrunk
– Taped neck and shoulders
– Classic fit

We ship from America and Europe to the whole world!

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