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Mahakala Buddha shirt by Lakesh unisex


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Unique Mahakala Buddha shirt by Lakesh © The guardian of dharma

TheMahakala Buddha shirt by Lakesh is made of a thicker, heavier cotton, but it’s still soft and comfy .
Premium HD print made with water based and eco-friendly ink. This makes the t-shirt  feel much softer than traditional screen printed shirts, but just as durable. And the double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability to what is sure to be a favorite!


Meaning Mahakala Buddha shirt by Lakesh:

Mahakala, is  respected  and  worshiped as a protector of dharma.

It is the fierce manifestation of bodysattva Avalokitesvara who who plays a leading role in Buddhism. A compassionate and infamous deity, that works like a fierce guardian angel.

History of Avalokitesvara

Firstly at one point in the past, the Lord of Great Compassion, the Noble Avalokitesvara ccumulated countless merits and achived ​​Enlightenment. After passing through the bodhisattva levels, he received the special empowerment of Great Light. Then, when he entered the ranks of the Noble Sons of the Buddha, he made this vow:

Saying that through the long kingdoms of the entire Samsaric world, in the unrestricted space of the ten directions. I will benefit all beings in Samsara. This will not be until they reach the level of Buddhahood and not even one being  left in samsara.

I myself enter Buddhahood and only when all beings without exception have been led into Buddhahood, will it be good for me to do so. Until then, I will remain in samsara for the benefit of all beings. And if I ever break the vow  my body will be smashed into a thousand pieces.

Thereafter, Avalokitesvara resided on Potala Mountain. Through his unlimited emanations, at every moment, he achieved the maturation and liberation of innumerable sentient beings; which are far beyond our means of expressing it. And in this way he spent countless years many, many kalpas.

At one point, he thought that it was possible that all beings from samsara were finally  free. With his omniscient vision he looked and saw that the realms of the sentient beings had neither increased nor decreased. Not only had they not diminished in number, but now those sentient beings near him were in the Age of Darkness, and were even more difficult to master.

Avalokitesvara thought “Now, I cannot even benefit a sentient being,”  broke the vow previously made, and the body was broken into a thousand pieces.

From Avalokitesvara to Mahakala

Then the Guru Lama,of  immeasurable light is called Buddha Amitabha, appeared and said:   “Son of my family, now you must replace your broken vote and make an even greater resolution to benefit beings. ”
The shattered body of a thousand pieces, by Amitabha’s blessing, was united into a body with eleven heads and a thousand arms. Avalokitesvara then thought thought that by means of an fierce form he would be able to subdue the dharma practitioners and the all the degenerate beings of this Age of Darkness.

His vote became even greater than before. From the great Noble Avalokitesvara emerged the instant protector of wisdom (dharma). In all the Pure Lands, the ground shook with six types of earthquakes. The conquering and transcendent One of the immeasurable Light proclaimed with one voice: “Son of the family, it is good that you have made this resolution. You will have the empowerment of all the dakinis wisdom. Lord of Death. You will have the spirits of the mountain. You must embody the great wrathful powers of the Body, Voice, Mind, Qualities and Activity of all the Buddhas throughout the three times.

Since then, Mahakala has remained the Protector of Dharma of all the fields of the Buddha.

Mahakala Buddha shirt by Lakesh composition:

– 100% combed and ring-spun cotton (Heather colors contain polyester)
– Heather colors are 52%  ring-spun cotton and  48% polyester
– Athletic and Black Heather are 90%  ring-spun cotton and 10% polyester
– Pre-shrunk fabric
– Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
– Side-seamed

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