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White Tara shirt, Yoga shirt, spiritual shirt by Lakesh, women


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White Tara shirt by Lakesh ©

The White Tara shirt by Lakesh is made of a thicker, heavier cotton, but it’s still soft and comfy .
Premium HD print made with water based and eco-friendly ink. This makes the t-shirt  feel much softer than traditional screen printing, but just as durable. And the double stitching on the neckline and sleeves add more durability to what is sure to be a favorite!


Meaning of the White Tara by Lakesh design:

The White Tara is a female Buddha whose main function is to grant long life, good fortune, prosperity and wisdom, trusting her implies protecting us from contagious diseases and the dangers caused by fires and earthquakes.

The White Tara has such a great influence  in Buddhism that she is  “the mother of perfect wisdom”, which later became “the most perfect wisdom of compassion”. However in many philosophical currents it’s “The mother of all the Buddhas.”

The meaning of Tara in Sanskrit is freedom, which represents an expression of spiritual amplitude, on the other hand it is said that Tara was a woman who lived many years ago in India, who was a princess who wanted to practice everything related to Buddhism .

The story of White Tara

The story relates that she went to a Buddhist monastery, with the purpose of requesting her entrance to practice Buddhism, however the monks surprised to see a woman make this request, said that she went home to attend to her family. and to dedicate herself to raising her children, in effect her approach was that only men can be enlightened in Buddhism, consequently she angrily told them: “there is no one in the world who can limit a man and a woman to be an enlightened one, and to prove it I am going to dedicate myself to Buddhism.

Immediately she returned to her home and dedicated herself to meditate for more than 12 years, a period in which she became enlightened and in turn a Buddhist priestess. Later he returned to the monastery where the monks surprised and knowing that he had become very popular, requested that they please guide them in their enlightenment.

The White Tara represents a special energy that provides tools to overcome fear, stress, anguish and worry, that is why it is stated that each of us is a carrier of a defect, for which we must focus on discovering it.


– 100% jersey knit
– Pre-shrunk
– Taped neck and shoulders
– Classic fit

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